Thursday, February 4, 2010

Escape the Bookstore 2

Escape the Bookstore 2 is new room escape game created by Shattared Games, also author of Escape the Bookstore. Collect items and use them right places in order to figure out the game.

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Get the mop handle and mop head then join the two, after that, using the mop clean up the dripping water. Doing this will uncover a strange lock, the code is peach, pear, lemon then apple once you enter those the door will open and your can crawl out.

xanan said...

i liked it. but its easy

Anonymous said...

1. Take Hammer and mop handle.
2. Turn right, take "Brave New World" from pile of books and move garbage bags.
3. Turn right, take "1984" from centre, and mop head from right.
4. Click "?" of mop handle, attach mop head, clean up water.
5. Turn right (x2), click window, remove boards with hammer, take "Do Androids Dream of Electric sheep".
6. Go back to the trash can that is on fire, and look up. Take the crowbar.
7. Use the crowbar to dislodge the fire extinguisher and take "Farenheit 451" behind the shelf as well.
8. Use the fire extinguisher on the fire and take the charcoal that is inside.
9. Turn right, and use the charcoal on the white etchings.
10. Use these numbers in the safe, and take the magnifying glass.
11. Use the magnifying glass on each book to find the proper fruit code to use. (Each number corresponds to a letter of the alphabet 1=A, 2=B, etc.)
12. And you are out!

Anonymous said...

Dont listen to what anyone

Anonymous said...

This is bollocks.

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