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Escape From Detention

You are trapped in the school detention room and you have to help Serin, Geo and Bravo get out. It won't be easy...The doors have been locked up and you are going to have to use ordinary objects from the school in creative ways to engineer your escape. Try to find objects by clicking on the furniture and various other places. Pay attention to the description of objects - they may contain clues.

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Anonymous said...

Escape From Detention walkthrough:

#1.put the battery from serins backpak and put it in geos flas light.
#2.give flshlight 2 bravo. bravo and click on teachers desk
#4.fselect serin and click on the stool thigy in front of the air vent
#5. selct geo and click on stool thingy. brovo and click on stool thingy.
#7.use bravos quarter on air vent and click on vent.
#8. clic on middle contol box. on closet.
#10.tie rope on a power box
#11.thro rope 2 air vent and give crow bar 2 serin. serin and smash down door. on glass door on the right and then go thru other door.
#14.get meatloaf from counter.
#15.go thru glass door and get roll of string from cupboard
#16.go back 2 hall and click on grate.
#17.make bravo give penlight 2 serin and use it to look in grate u will see ther is a key
#18.go 2 the see thru dor on the left asnd get all the mixtures.
#19. Get the magnet frum teechurs desk and go 2 hall
#20.tie the magnet onto string and use the fising line wit grate
#21.go thru middle see thru door and go thru the next see thru door 2 the teechurs lounge.
#22.use the gold key with loker thing. Remember whut it says on the note.
#23.go baq 2 computer room an click on computer. Type in password
#24.use yellow potion with red potion and blu potion with yellow and mix those 2 2gethur!u
made a sleeping potion
#25.go 2 hall an click on glass dor 2 the left. on see thru dor and mix potion with meatloaf an feed it to the dog
#27.go thru dor that the dog is gaurding and click on filing cabinet
#28.go 2 gym then go thru the gym dor an use the key with exit.
#29.enjoy the victory of being free!

Anonymous said...

Another walkthrough:

- you're in the detention hall but there's no light

- to get some light use serin's battery and geo's flashlight.

- get the chalk from the blackboard, the coin from the bigger desk and the notebook from the upper right corner desk

- use the chalk with the notebook. u get a school map.

- give the flashlight and the coin to bravo.

- get serin to stay on the bench near the vent, then geo and finally bravo

- use the coin to unscrew the vent and get bravo to go through it

- you're in the power room. turn the lights on (power box in the middle)

- go to the closet and find a crowbar and a rope

- tie one end of the rope to the middle power box in the first row (nearest to the vent) and toss the other end to geo and serin.

- get geo to use the crowbar to open the door.

- time to collect objects:

. go in the 1st door right next to you (library) and then get to the staff room (u need to walk through the libray to get it). get the ladle in the sink, the coins from the sofa.

. in the door next to the library (the science lab) get all the chemicals and the magnet from the desk

. next (door with glass) there's a corridor that leads to cafeteria. get the meat loaf and in the kitchen u can find the roll of string in the closet

- time to use the objects: use the roll of string with the magnet and go to the grate (in the hallway when u came out from the power room) and get a small key.

- go back to the staff room (check the map if u don't know where it is) and use the key to open the drawers. u'll find a note saying "rover".

- go into the library and go to one of the computers. use the password and see how to make a sleeping potion. u need a green and an oranje potion.

- now it's time to use some knowledge. get the chemicals and mix the right colours to obtain green and oranje (yellow+blue=green and yellow+red=oranje). after that use the sleeping potion on the meat loaf

- go to the gym (once again check the map if u have doubts) and feed the dog with the meat loaf.

- enter in the janitor's room and in the drawers find the school's main door key.

- get out of the gym and exit the school.

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