Friday, May 4, 2007

Crimson Room

The Crimson Room another point and click adventure game, where you wake up in a red room with a headache and can't remember a thing, nor even where you are. Now, the object of the game is to unlock the door and get out of the room. In order to do this you have to find a variety of objects to help you with your quest.

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Anonymous said...


The ring is in the bowl on the dresser.
There is a CD in the dresser drawer.
There is a memo in the dresser drawer.
The cassette tape is underneath the dresser.
A silver key is on the window ledge.
If you open and close the curtains repeatedly, you will get a thick ring.
A small key is underneath the pillow.
A metal stick is between the headboard and the mattress of the bed.

The keys open the drawers, where you will find a box and a power supply cable.

Use the power supply cable to power the stereo. Turn on the CD player and open it, and you will find a new key.

The rings and the metal bar will fit on top of the red box. Open the box, and you will find that the tape fits, and you now need a battery.

The battery is at the foot of the bed. You will find it by facing the red wall and clicking on the purple floor on the left-hand side of the screen.

Put the battery in the box and click the tape. You will see a video of the man dancing, and towards the end, he will point to a plus sign. Put your mouse on that spot and wait for the film to end. Click that spot and a safe will appear.

The combination to the safe is found on four cards... you can get these cards by visiting the URL on the memo you found in the dresser drawer. (In some instances, you may need to visit the website, then re-start the Crimson Room.) Open the safe, and you will find a screwdriver. Use the screwdriver on the doorknob, and you are free!

Anonymous said...

This game was fairly addicting. I had to play until I could solve the puzzle. My only problem was that I had no administrative privelages on my computer, so when I typed in the URL address, everything came up in Japanese and I couldnt download the language adapting programs... so, i guess my point is, either download the right programs, or learn Japanese... lmao... good luck.

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