Thursday, July 12, 2007

Polleke's Room Escape

Polleke's Room Escape is another room escape game. You have to search around carefully to find somethings and use them on right places.

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Anonymous said...

1. Take a crowbar from under the armchair and a hammer from behind the flowerpot.
2. Use a crowbar on the tree and get a knife.
3. Use a knife on the bear and get a key.
4. Use a key on the upper drawer and get a match box.
5. Look under the trash bin and under the carpet to get the batteries.
6. Use a crowbar on the box.
7. Get a flashlight from under the pillow.
8. Put the batteries to the flashlight and use it on the hole. Note a code.
9. Use a code (2341) on the safe on the box and get an arrow.
10. Put an arrow on the wall.
11. Use a hammer on the wall and get a cookie.
12. Give a cookie to the hamster. Get a match.
13. Use a match on the match box and on the candle.
14. Turn off the lights. Note circle, diamond, triangle, square.
15. Turn on the lights. Set the flower on the wall.
16. Turn off the lights and note a code.
17. Set a clock like on the picture on the table.
18. Put a code (1756) on the safe on the table and get a creditcard.
19. Use a creditcard on the door.

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