Friday, March 5, 2010

Flophone - Top Secret

Flophone - Top Secret is new P'n'c adventure game. This time you have to take 4 photos and retrieve a top secret CD from a research facility.

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Flophone - Top Secret Walkthrough

• Start by reading the intro screen, click next and open up your Flophone to read your email.
• “Congratulations on your first mission! This mission will not be so easy though. The organization Black Stone has been developing top secret technologies. Black Stone’s research facility is located in Whitehorse, Canada. We need you to fly to Whitehorse find a way into the research facility while everyone is gone for the holidays and take 4 photos of evidence and retrieve a top secret CD which holds very important information. I will email you once you arrive with more details.”
• After you read your email, close your phone and click on the door to travel to Whitehorse, Canada. Click on the green pin, Black Stone Research.
• Click on the door to notice it is locked. Click on the can next to the door to tip it over and reveal an access card, use the access card to enter the storage building.
• You have just received a new email. Check your email to find that agent XYZ has just uploaded a map of the facility to your Flophone.
• Click on the strange label on the blue container to reveal another label underneath, use your Flophone to take a photo of this label for evidence.
• Click on the red toolbox to find a screwdriver, then move right and use the screwdriver to remove the vent cover.
• Crawl through the vent and you will end up inside of the facility. Examine the blue book shelf to find that the books are not real, use your screwdriver in the tiny hole at the top of the book shelf to reveal a secret compartment and to find a red marble.
• Leave this room by clicking on the door and then moving forward through it. This floor has 3 rooms on each side of the hallway and one up at the top, start by entering the second room on the left. Notice a strange cabinet with a green item inside and a platform on the side. Turn around to head out of this room and open the cabinet. Pick up the book and turn around once more place the book onto the shelf on the side of the cabinet. Turn back around and leave this room.
• Go to the room on the right at the end of the hall. Look on the floor at the paper , one has a strange label. Take a photo of this for evidence.
• Head into the room all the way down the hall (forward) and you are in the reception area. Take the book on the counter and head back to the room where you placed the other book.
• Leave this room again, while standing in the hallway click back to enter the elevator. Head up to the second floor move forward into the hallway. Turn left into the first room and take the book that is on the desk.
• Head back down to the first floor and place the book on the shelf with the other books and the door will open to reveal a green marble, take the marble and then move back up to the second floor.
• Enter the first door on the right and then turn around, open the cabinet to find a strange symbol inside of the cabinet. Take a photo of this evidence and then leave this room.
• Once you are back into the hallway enter the second room on the left, and then enter the first stall on the left. Click on the paper a few times to reveal a blue marble. Take the marble and leave the bathroom.
• Move down the hall (forward) in to the conference room. Move the papers around to find a paper clip, take the paper clip and then head back to the elevator and go to the third floor.
• Enter the first room on the right and click on the cabinet on the right to make it fall over. Note 3 slots in the cabinet, place the 3 marbles into the slots, order doesn’t matter. The panel will open and reveal a test tube, take the test tube. And leave this room.
• Enter into the room second door on the left, tip over the trashcan to reveal a piece of chewing gum. Take the gum, turn around and notice a rubber band around one of the chairs, take the rubber band and leave the room.
• Click on the door at the end of the hall. The panel hasn’t any power, use the screwdriver to open the panel to find that the circuit is broken. Use the gum on the circuit board and then place the paper clip onto the gum. There still isn’t any power. Click the big red X to close the panel.
• Enter the second room on the right and click on the gray cover to remove it. Notice the switch will not stay up. Use the rubber band to hold the switch up. Now the power is on. Go back into the hallway and click on the access panel and then click on the button to unlock the door. The light should now be green.
• Enter through the door and then turn right. Click the paper on the table to reveal a clue, pink + green = purple. Notice the faucet on the table. Open the locker doors to find a wire brush.
• Turn left and use the wire brush on the odd looking spot on the door to reveal a strange symbol. Use your Flophone to take a photo of this for evidence.
• Leave this room and then enter the first door on the left. Turning the knobs on the pipes will start the flow of chemicals in the lab room you just came from. You need pink, the first knob from the left will turn on the pink, the second knob and third knob will turn on other colors you don’t need. After you turn on the first knob from the left head back to the lab room to where the faucet is located.
• Use the green test tube and add some of the pink liquid to change it purple. Turn left and use this chemical on the door lock. Enter the room and take the CD! Leave this room and click on the GPS application then click on the location to return to the map.
• Click on the airport icon and you will return to your office.
• Congratulations! You have received another medal for your hard work!!

Flophone - Top Secret Video Walkthrough


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