Sunday, May 6, 2007

Dr. Stanley's House

This game is one of the best escape the room games. Try to find things and clues in order to finish game. There are many rooms and places at this game.

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Outside at beginning:
Click on car to zoom in
Click on stick beside car, pick it up.
Click arrow to zoom out.
Click arrow to go right, click again to go to the tree.
Use the stick to knock paper airplane out of tree.
Click on plane to pick up. Unfold plane to reveal code for front door.
The code changes everytime. Use code to open front door.

Inside part 1:
Go in ugly yellow room on the left. You will find a lighter on the left wall in the corner. It's gold color. Leave room.
Turn so you can go up the stairs. Go in door at top of stairs. Pick up teal colored key from top of toilet paper holder. Leave room.
Go down the stairs find the teal colored door with the lines on it. Use key to open door. Click on plant, take grey key. Go to grey door and use key to open.

Grey Room: click on pillow take key. Use key to open the door on the left. You should be in a bathroom. Click on tap, pick up green key. Leave room, go to hallway. Remember this room you will have to come back here. Find Green Door

Green Room:
Use key on door. Click arrow to go in a room with a candle. Use lighter on candle. Take meat from box. Leave that part of the room. Click arrow on the left of the green door to go into kitchen. Take plate and steak sauce. Click on plate, put meat on plate, put sauce on meat. click door on the right to go outside.

Outside part 2:
Give meat to dog, dog falls asleep. click right arrow till you find blue statue. Go back in front door. You have to enter the code again. Same one from the plane.

Inside part 2:
Go to stairs find pink key. Use on double doors at the bottom of stairs. Click on cup. select cup then click on pitcher to get water. Go in door on left pick up blue key.

Blue room part 1:
use key, will get knocked out. You wake up in the grey room. Leave room and go to pink room to get your stuff back. In the pink room there is a dead guy. Take his case. You stuff is in it. Go back to blue room.

Blue room part 2:
Go in blue room. zoom in on book shelf. Take tall brown book. It's a diary you will use later. Click on door to left. Go up ladder. Take key by chimney. go back in room. click arrow to go in room on right. Click patio door to go out pick up key. Leave room. Go to pea green room next to blue room.

Pea green room:
open door with key take phone cord. Leave room. Go to orange room on same floor.

Orange room:
Click arrow then go out on patio. Click on old guys head to put him in the bed. Give him glass of water. Click arrow to go left. Go in door on left. Click mirror to reveal star puzzle and key pad on other wall. Code for key pad is in the back of the diary. Input code, wall opens to reveal a hole shaped like the statue. Put the statue in the hole. Turn off lights to reveal answer to star puzzle. Colored dots match keys. Put keys in the puzzle. Hole in wall opens take files and give them to the old guy. Leave room and go back to grey room.

Grey room part 2:
Click phone on desk. Connect cord to phone. Try to dial numbers. phone raises. click on ID. Congratulations you are done.

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