Sunday, December 24, 2006

Escape from the Flooded Room

You were imprisoned taken by a crazy person and should be 13 victims to become. Tries an escape
route from the Flooded Room to find by you in classical POINT and Click manners for useful articles look. The areas can by mouse-click to be down right changed.

Click here to play


Anonymous said...


1) turn round until you see the safe
2)there is a purple rectangle above the safe click on it and turn power off
3)right click on the safe and go to play you will zoom in on the safe
4) right click again and click play the safe will open and reveal a scooba mask an oxygen tank and a pen knife
5) turn round to the white paper thing near the door
6)right click and click play 3 times
the ending scene should play

easy as pie the pipe doesnt come into it

Anonymous said...

other walkthrough

1. look for a purple box above the safe & turn off the switch.
2. go to a bulletin board look for a Julia's number which is the pw for the safe...
3. open the safe & pick up the scuba diver equip. & a knife...
4. put on the SD equip. to breathe
5. by using the knife to cut off the handle of the blind...
6. try a passkey to open a door & get the broken passkey
7. use the broken passkey to open the lighting on the ceiling & pick up the key at the bottom...
8. use the small key to open the desk lock & pick up the pipe..
9. use the blind handle to fix the white screen by the door
10. use the pipe to lift the mat & pick up the key..
11. use the punky looking key to open the door..

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