Monday, April 2, 2007

The Terrific Manace of the Invaders from Audiogalaxy

The Terrific Menace of the Invaders from Audiogalaxy is a beautifully designed point-and-click adventure game. The authors worked on the game for 3 years and the result is excellent. They now have an English version.

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Anonymous said...

Use the hammer to break the glass of the cell your in and exit the cell from there.
Empi3 will be in a corridor of the space ship.
Go as far to the left as you can in the corridor.
Enter the doors to the left.
Access the console of Melody-o-Matic.
Click on the Print button. (Don’t worry it’s not a real error screen) Click on the screen again.
Read the on-screen tutorial, Get the sheet of paper on the ground.
There is another tutorial you can read it now if you want.
Goto Woodstock 1969. Go left. Talk to the guardian.Go right. Talk to the Florist.
Goto London 1977.Go right then right again. Go through the green door. Go right again. Go through the door with the tree on it.Take the leaf of Marijuana.
Goto Woodstock 1969. Go left once. Wear the leaf of Marijuana. Try to take the can on the left.
Goto London 1977. Go back where you got the leaf of Marijuana and go right. Take a Fig leaf.
Goto Woodstock 1969. Go back to where the Guardian is and wear the Fig leaf. Now go take the can.
Goto Spaceship 2010 and go back to the room with the Melody-o-Matic in it. Use the can you just got with the slime in the bucket.
Goto Woodstock 1969. Keep going left till you can’t go any further.
Use the can with the slime on the binoculars. Now look through the binoculars and find the alien in the crowd.

You start back in your cell again (glass still broken and you still have the time belt)
Goto London 1977 go back to where you got the leaves but enter the door to the right now and talk to Sid Vicious.
Goto Turin 1986
Go up as soon as you arrive there you will be in the RTM radio station.
Look in the trash and get the cassette that is in there.
Go right on the street and you will see the paninaro. Give him the cassette you just got. If he tells you the name of another song, write it down you will need to find this cassette later.
Go right again and talk to the metalhead.
Go as far to the left as you can and talk to the lone salesman about what he’s selling.
Look in the cardboard box of cassettes find the song the paninaro mentioned before and trade the cassette you have for the new song.
Enter the Magic shop here. Turn on the TV. And take the strange magnet on the refrigerator.
Go back to the radio station and talk to the DJ there. Request a song (dosen’t matter what song)
Use the cassette with the mixer board and watch the havoc you have created. Pick up the biography of Sid
Goto London 1977 and give the biography to Sid and you will get the tape from him.
Goto Woodstock 1983. Go right and talk to Snoopy.
Goto Woodstock 1963.Go to the right and look at what Snoopy is typing.
Memorize it. “I promise on my honour…to try the hardest…to accomplish my duty…and to act always with selflessness and loyalty…observing the scout’s law.”
Goto Woodstock 1983 and recite this to Snoopy, He will take you through the forest.
Kick the tree here. Take the square fruit that fell.
Go into the castle that you can see in the background.
Go right and pull the string.
Goto London 1994 and go as far to the right as you can. Then go up to the alleyway. Examine the man hole. Combine the magnet and the string. Use that to get the coin.
Goto Woodstock 1983. Go back to the castle.
Call MJ on the phone the number is on the sheet of paper you first picked up 555-Buozzo (555 286 996).
Goto Turin 1986. Go back to the Magic shop. Talk to the TVoodoo Lady.
Goto London 1977. Go back where you got the leaf of Marijuana.
Give the fruit to the carnivorous plant. Pick up the seed it spits out.
Goto Woodstock 1969. Put the seed in the vase by the florist.
Goto Woodstock 1983. Take the bonsai that has sprouted.
Goto Woodstock 1969. Put the bonsai next to the vase that is there already.
Goto Woodstock 1983. Take the healthy bonsai.
Goto Woodstock 1969. Put the healthy bonsai next to the bonsai that you placed there already.
Goto Woodstock 1983. Take the blossoming bonsai.
Goto Turin 1986 and give the flower to the TVoodoo Lady.
Goto Woodstock 1983. Go back to see MJ. Send him the potion with the communication pipeline.

again you start back on the ship after being captured yet again. (don’t worry you still have everything you had before).
Goto Turin 1986. Go left once. Then up to the Recording studio.
Goto the Spaceship 2010. Go as far to the right as you can. You will end up back in your cell and you will be able to see Eddie in the cell that used to be empty.
Talk to Eddie tell him to break out of his cell with the hammer on the wall.
Once out be sure to get the hammer from Eddie. Exit this room to the right then go immediately up through the set of doors there.
Break the theca with the hammer and take the videocassettes (you’ll get a blank one).
Goto London 1994. Go left and enter the Pole Cats Club.
Talk to Polecat behind the counter. You will have to become a member of the club to see free concert.
You can do the Beer guzzling contest mini game, take themed test’s, or try the wheel.
Or you can just demand a membership card(it’s the easy way out out but you get a crap looking card).
Doing the beer contest will get you a better membership card.
Depending on how many correct answer you give in the themed tests you will get you an even better card, get them all correct for the best members card.
Once you have the card go left once. Pickup the mop, them go through the door on the left.
When your at the concert turn on the camera. Put the blank cassette in the VHS recorder and start recording the concert.
Goto Spaceship 2010. Go back to the room where you got the VHS cassette. Go left in that room. Put the recorded cassettes in the VHS player (green ball looking thing).
Go right once. Go up through the doors you have never entered before.
Go Left once and take the other time belt that is there.
Go back to see Eddie in the Melody-o-Matic room. Give him the other timebelt.
Goto Woodstock 1983. Go left. Go left again. Take the Siren.
Goto London 1977. Go back to where you saw the 2 people sleeping on the couch. Activate the sire to wake the stoners up.
Goto London 1994. Go back to the alleyway where you got the coin. Use the mop with the source of water there.Talk to the secret passage (repeating the phrase the stoners used)
When you finally get through the line Go left once. Talk to the concierge about signing the guest book (it will leave an entry in the guestbook on the web site.)
Go left once (you should see the statue now). Take the orange bowling ball from the statues outstretched hand.
Goto London 1977. Go left once. Use the bowling ball with the mound of snow.
Take the Santa suit and the wish list.
Go all the way to the right and enter the door of the golden building. Put on the Santa suit then complete it with the clean mop. Go left
Give a closer look to the gifts. Look at the list your holding.
Then examine each of the gifts and swap …
Easy Bake Oven for Atari VCS 2600
MonChiChi for Pegasus of the Micronauts
Maya the Bee album for The Great Mazinger album
Barbie for Big Jim
Makeup set for Zorro mask
When you get them all right you will know it.
Goto London 1994. Go back and use the secret passage.
Go all the way right again. (here is the best place to save your game)
Knock on door 69.

Your back in the cell; and they have taken everything from you this time; and they repaired the cell.
Use the hammer on the wall to break out of your cell again.
Exit your cell and enter the doors where you got the SECOND time belt to save Eddie.
Go up to the Ending Room. Look in the boxes. Take any one of the 5 CD’s there. (Depending on which one you take will determine which ending movie you see) there are 4 different movie and one that just ends the game (no movie, so DON’T take the 4 Non-Blondes album)
Put the CD of your choice in the CD reader of the computer.
Wait for the credits to roll by (look for my name in them) (wait for them to finish) watch the End movie. Go back and re-load your game (where I told you to save it) and choose another CD to see the other endings.

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